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 1 - The participation of competitors of different nationalities in all categories is allowed.

 2 - Children under 18 years of age may compete by submitting a declaration of the responsible, notarized and signed, freeing their participation.

 3 - Participants undertake that from the moment of enrollment in Brasil Dance Festival, irrevocably and irreversibly, they are in full agreement with the rules and regulations of the championship. They also assume that they will accept the result offered by the judges, organizers, the public, sponsors or anyone linked to the Brasil Dance Festival, without question.

4- Once the registration form is signed, the competitor authorizes the release of images for commercial purposes, free of charge or burden to the event organizers. It can be used whenever necessary by the BDF organization, even after the championship.

6 - The organization is not responsible for accidents during the preparation or performance of competitors' performances. Disclaiming any liability for the physical condition or health of the competitor.

7-Failure to comply with any rule mentioned in this regulation or in the registration form will result in penalties (loss of points in the calculation of the result of each stage of the competition, up to disqualification if determined by the organization) without reimbursement of the registration cost.

8 - The competitor understands and accepts that the regulation is subject to adjustment. The follow-up and acceptance of the rules is mandatory for all who register in the championship and the competitor undertakes to comply, without contesting, the decisions of the organization and judges.

9- In case of cancellation of the competitor or couple, after the payment of the registration fee, the BDF organization does not reimburse the costs paid by the competitor or couple.(Will keep credit for follow year.) 

10 - The BDF organization is not responsible for anything used by the competitor; as lost, forgotten, or stolen items (eg, personal effects, costumes, or material possessions).

11-The choreography presented by the competitor must contain, in its majority, specific dance steps and forms that represent the rhythm chosen by the competitor.

12-In Brazil Dance Festival is allowed the participation of couples in same gender(proper category)

13-Competitors should not use verbal expressions, such as singing the song, talking to their partner or addressing the audience.


1 -It is mandatory the presentation of competitors at the times determined by the organization of the event. Failure to comply will result in loss of points and even disqualification without refund of the registration fee.

2- All copules sign up for específico category Will dance on same time. (Exeption FORMATION AND SHOWCASE)

3- In categories with 7+ copules Will have semi-final, 13+ Couples Will have Quater-Final, 22+ Couples 1st ROUND.

4- Only the 6 Finalist on OPEN Brazilian Dances, Will be invited to a solo presentation (up to 90 seconds) before the final.  

5- In order to receive results or awards during the event competitors must present themselves properly dressed, as during their presentation at the competition.  


Judge Panel   

1 - In all stages the candidates will be evaluated by at least 5 judges determined by the event organization.

2 - The judges are free to give their advice and evaluations to any competitor after the general end of the competition. 3 - The contestant shall not aggressively or verbally assault the jury. It can be eliminated losing the right of the placement already obtained.

4 - Only one of the judges will penalize the competitor during the competition. This jury will be determined as the head chef.

5 - The final decision announced by the Brasil Dance Festival organization is irrevocable.



1-Time used to perform the dance, considering their constancy and awareness.

2-Technique: Mastery of movements and figures performed, as well as their complexity.

3-CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreographic composition, use of spaces, appreciation and general execution.

4-CREATIVITY: Originality, use of new or different movements and / or resources.

5-SCENIC AND VISUAL PRESENTATION: Expression of the competitor or couple, empathy with the audience, harmony, behavior and costume.

6-MUSICALITY: Interpretation and musical use. Harmony between movement and music.

7-CONNECTION AND HARMONY: Evaluation of the connection between the couple and the harmony between music and movements. 8-SYNCHRONIZATION: Similarity between members and organization.  


Categories Couple - Choreography Rhythm, Technique, Choreography, Creativity, Scenic and Visual Presentation, Musicality, Connection and Harmony.

Categories Groups - choreography Rhythm, Technique, Choreography, Creativity, Scenic and Visual Performance, Musicality, Connection / Harmony and Synchronization.



1 - The competitor must wear a show costume. The costume should be appropriate to the execution of the choreography.

2 - The costume should remain intact from the beginning to the end of the performance of the couple or soloist.

4 - Participants must be properly dressed. Ladies and  Gentlemen: proper dance shoes - no barefoot competitor allowed. *

5 - Women should wear makeup and have hair done .

6 - The contestants must be properly combed and the lady made up.

7 - If the competitor (a) does not comply with the above items will lose point in the scenic and visual presentation.  




1 - Salsa, zouk, forró, or Samba de Gafieira songs should be used in their respective categories. It is not allowed to use or mix music of any other genre.

2 - The music is the sole responsibility of the competitor and must be delivered on a USB flash drive in MP3 format on the day requested by the organization, and Brasil Dance Festival will be completely exempt if editing errors are found in the same.  

3 - The pen drive (USB) should contain only one song. At the speed desired by the competitor.

4 - In the salsa and bachata categories the competitors can dance at time 1, 2, 3 or 4. The important thing is the consistency of the same musical time chosen throughout the performance.

5 - In the category samba de gafieira will be allowed to dance in bars 1 and 5 or 2 and 6. It will also be allowed that the couple dance in time or setback.

6 - In the sertanejo category will be allowed to dance in bars 1 and 5 or 2 and 6. The important thing is the consistency of the same musical time chosen throughout the performance.

7 - In the Zouk category competitors can dance at time 1, 2, 3 or 4. The important thing is the consistency of the same musical time chosen throughout the performance.

8 - Failure to comply with the rules may lead to loss of points in terms of rhythm or musicality.

9 - The music chosen by the competitor is the sole responsibility of the competitor, as well as the editing and speed.

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